Free Quote-Virtual Internal Audit-ISO PROS #33

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The expenses and costs when it comes to internal audits are higher than what most people and companies believe or consider at the beginning. First, you need to worry about training your auditors and making sure they are well-prepared and qualified to conduct and manage the audit program.

Then, you have to invest in the space and all tools and materials required to continue with the program without problems. And the list of things to buy and do just keeps increasing the more you dive deeper into this matter.

However, this is usually for internal audits that are carried out on-site so, what about the virtual ones?

Are the expenses the same and also, do our costs and prices follow the same initiative?


Worrying about how much you have to spend or invest is completely normal and you should keep an eye on this all the time. But don’t let it be the only thing that helps you to make a decision. That being said, no, the expenses aren’t the same and when it comes to ISO standards for Virtual Internal Audits, you might need to spend less or more.

Several elements and aspects are involved in determining the cost of the entire process of getting certified and starting conducting your internal audits offsite. Starting with the company you decide to hire to support you in implementing ISOs that will also get you certified in each one of them, especially ISO 9001. At ISO Pros, however, we have affordable prices that won’t limit you from the needs you have in this area.

Our support and certification options won’t represent the highest expenses on your list and we assure you that if you don’t agree with something, we will do our best to work around your budget as well. Also, we have made sure to provide an instant quote that allows companies to know and have an estimate of how much they will have to spend. You can access it by filling the form below with all the relevant and necessary information.

Starting with your contact information, your company’s name and your ISO needs. We need to know about you and what you are trying to obtain from us—or what you need. This is the only way for our team to provide an accurate or precise estimate of the services you will access when contacting us.

Keep in mind the quote we will send you after you request it can be different at the end of the project—when you apply for it and you’re about to sign a contract. Most of the time, the final price is lower than the quotation and we assure you that we are open to negotiations until some point. Don’t hesitate to apply for your quote, which is completely free.

Try to be as specific as possible when doing it so we can be quite specific with the layout of the services and elements as well. When can you request one? Whenever you want!