Getting Certified-Virtual Internal Audit-ISO PROS #33

Getting Certified & Implementing Virtual Internal Audits

With all the access companies—and people overall—have to technology and IA, they shouldn’t struggle to try to conduct and carry out their operations normally. Even if that means having to create and develop a new method to do it remotely and without visiting an office. This is more than necessary right now when not meeting social distancing can be penalized for the law and government.

Of course, besides the current situation, there are many other reasons why companies decide to conduct or handle some responsibilities offsite: saving money and time. This is what happens with internal audits nowadays. All companies need to conduct them quite often and manage an audit program that meets every requirement from ISO 9001 and others that apply depending on your company’s needs and goals.

Right now, instead of conducting them onsite and having several people reunited in one conference room, the idea is to do the same while having a meeting via platforms such as Zoom, Skype, and many others you are probably familiar with yet. If you are considering this idea, we encourage you to go for it or at least, give it a chance.

There is nothing to lose and we assure you that you will end up enjoying the benefits so much that the disadvantages of it will seem quite small.

However, if you make the decision keep in mind that just like internal audits in your company’s installations, you also have to meet some requirements and parameters for the virtual ones. ISO 9001 also applies here and you have to follow all the guidelines written and established in it.

Also, different ISO standards apply in Virtual Internal Audits, and you might need to dedicate some time to get certified again. Or for the first time if you decided to go for virtual audits since the beginning.

What do you need to refresh when conducting Virtual Internal Audits?

To begin with, take the time to refresh and review all your information and data. If you have been conducting internal audits onsite during all this time, you will need to take all the information you have collected and taken it home or to your place to go over it once more. Getting used to virtual meetings and all the data you have reviewed so far will be tough, but fortunately, it won’t take as much time as before.

That being said, ISO standards you have implemented due to the guidelines and requirements they provide and you have the obligation to meet the need to be refreshed. If this is your first time and you have never conducted an internal audit before, you will have a long way to go while getting familiar with all the elements and standards involved in this task. At ISO Pros, we can help you to not only implement the normative you have to follow—such as ISO 9001—, we can also get you certified in Virtual Internal Audits.

Our company is specialized in standards, their implementation, and providing support to anyone that is involved and has needs. If you are wondering why would you need our support, here are a few reasons:

  • You need to keep all your ISO standards for internal audits and virtual internal ones on check if you want to plan, conduct, and manage them correctly.
  • If your auditors and working team have problems conducting this audit, we can help you to put them on track again.
  • You must get certified in order for companies and other individuals to be aware of your capabilities and that you are completely authorized to conduct them.
  • We can handle the entire implementation of the standards you need and get you certified in no time.

You will get familiar with everything sooner than later but for it, you might need our hands so you don’t have to trip with the same rock over and over again.


How can you get certified?

Just like any other process, ISO standard or auditing option, you have to meet all the requirements established in the normative or document you are following. If you are not certified in internal audits already, you will have to go through this one as well. After all, ISO 9001 is the one that has all the guidelines and requirements set and established for internal audits, including virtual ones.

Therefore, you will need an extensive read of the document, get familiar with it, and make sure you understand all the parameters. Once you do, start implementing it in your business and the certification will come when there are no non-conformities. To get—literally—the seal of approval, you will have to contact an organization or validated company that can provide you with it.

This is part of our job and duty. We will make sure to evaluate or assess your company and the ISO standards you have followed to conduct Virtual Internal Audits. Once we determine everything is perfect and the degree of conformance is just right, you will get certified.

There is nothing to worry about when you have our support and services available for you. Just make sure to let us know what you are trying to achieve, what you need in specific, and how we can help you to obtain it. Although we will have the last answer after you provide us with the first two.

If you are not sure about Virtual Internal Audits yet and want to get more familiar with what they involve, you can find more information on our website. We have sections available with the benefits and what they are in specific. We are sure you will find the data more than useful due to the research you’ve probably done so far.

Our company is aware of how difficult is to find specific information about this auditing option, and about ISO standards overall. This is why the information we provide is specific, direct, and it is exactly what you are looking for. Feel free to access everything without hesitating and come to us when you are ready to get certified or need support with it.